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About Inland Africa Safaris

In tourism, the people are the most important asset. In a safari, even more so. Since our inception, we’ve always given our top priority to finding the best human resources to work with. After all, a safari depends on so many factors but if the guide is right, the experience is guaranteed. After all, a guide can make the difference between a nice tour and a once in a lifetime experience one shall never forget.

With Inland Africa Safaris, we employ a very thorough and careful recruitment and training process. We want to work with none but the most enthusiastic, cheerful, knowledgeable and professional people in this business, with many years or decades of experience. That’s how we provide an experience that is better than those from the competition: Because the best tourism professionals in the country are working for us.

We have a different approach to safaris in our DNA. A safari should not be just a lifestyle experience with a list of animals to tick off from a list. There is beauty in the small details, there are rewards to collect when you are patient. We embrace those small moments: Going out of the beaten track to where there are no more vehicles, slow down and spend some time watching a lion pride interacting with themselves instead of rushing to the next sighting. A safari should be about the feelings it provides, the experience of being out there in the wild witnessing nature as it is, with no rush. Inland Africa Safaris was created after decades of experience and the understanding that most tour operators offer the same kind of rushed experience through the same areas of the national parks.

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